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Performance Tracking and Attribution

Accurate, easy configurable tracking across all channels and platforms.

Stay on top of your marketing efforts with LinkTrust’s performance marketing solution tailored for Performance, CPA and eCommerce businesses.

Track everything to a single source of truth.

LinkTrust provides CPA and eCommerce businesses with a set of market-leading tools that allow you to track literally every marketing channel and campaign in real time.

Align media sources and partners

Get visibility across all channels to inform and align strategy. Streamline workflows and management or partners and provide them performance visibility with our rich reporting capabilities, dashboards and APIs.

Track everything  to a single source of truth.
Cookie-less & compliant automated attribution.

Cookie-less & compliant automated attribution.

Start operating in the “cookie-less” world now with access to the industry’s most accurate, futureproof server-to-server tracking and trusted insights.

Take control over your attribution model

Align your attribution across all media channels and eliminate over attribution by controlling where you attribute sales. Give preference to the partners or channels driving awareness and stop double counting sales commonly happening with last touch models.


Breathe easier with fraud protection & compliance tools.

Eliminate all kinds of affiliate fraud including cookie stuffing, domain spoofing and more. Stop client chargebacks by proactively stopping fraudulent traffic from affiliates.

Prevent click fraud and protect your marketing budget.

Screen partners and monitor brand integrity across your Linktrust affiliate base. Get clear insights into the quality of traffic and prominence of partners with "Risk vs Opportunity" assessments.

Breathe easier with fraud protection & compliance tools.


Industry-leading tools for Partner Marketing

Each of our solutions is proven effective at optimizing performance for eCommerce.

Ad Rotator

Allows users to control which ads are shown on specific media channels and partner websites, fully automating the delivery of designated ads to the chosen affiliates in real time.

Ad & Landing Page Testing

Our built-in ad and landing page testing technology allows users to compare the performance of various marketing creatives to identify the one delivering most conversions.

Compliance Monitoring

Our built-in Compliance Monitoring solution analyzes links, text and images, identifying and reporting potentially non-compliant content that could pose a risk to your brand.

Affiliate Discovery

An AI-powered Affiliate and Publisher Discovery solution provides marketers with tools to find affiliates, reach out and recruit them.

Payment Solutions

LinkTrust’s platform easily integrates with the majority of popular enterprise payment solutions that provide businesses with tools for sending and accepting payments, accounting and financial management.

Redirect & Capped Traffic Monetization

Our traffic management solutions help advertisers, publishers and ad networks to monetize their traffic to the max by redirecting and capping traffic to their websites.

Event Tracking and Product Tracking

eCommerce companies can track their product catalog and implement event tracking to track key events throughout the sales funnel.

Call Tracking

Track digital and call center leads from one platform using our integrations with turnkey integrations.

Fraud Detection

We conduct full and thorough analysis of publisher traffic from every angle, protecting customers from fraud attempts, harmful violations and regulatory risks.

Tommy H

“Gives work-at-home affiliates all the bells & whistles that a large company or Network would need.”

Tommy H

“The system is incredible and at the price points offered. An ALL-IN-ONE system that covers ALL our needs.”

Jorge N

"LinkTrust is an awesome solution to manage our affiliate program. Great tech and knowledgeable, accessible support.”

Track and manage all your performance marketing campaigns in real time.