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Working with partners is easy and effective with LinkTrust - the trusted leader in partner marketing.

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Eliminate the doubt and frustration of poor tracking. Get back your valuable time.

Lead management problems?   Never again!

Inaccurate attribution?   A thing of the past!

Compliance & fraud issues?   Banished!

Poor traffic monetization?   Not today!

Unhappy partners?   Not here!

Smarter Solutions

Protect and grow your partner ecosystem with the world’s most configurable performance marketing platform

Complete Tracking & Attribution
Track every action from first impression to the sale. Accurately attribute to the right partner increasing confidence, loyalty and revenue.

Full Lead Generation Suite
Receive and manage leads from any source. Maximize returns utilizing a full suite of tools from fraud mitigation to smart routing and ping tree.

Highly Configurable
We have empowered almost every type of partner program and facilitated nearly every use case. Benefit from our 20 years of experience.

Trusted Insights

Go farther every day with access to the industries most accurate tracking and trusted insights.

Track confidently
Track, attribute and manage any campaign type with the industries most accurate tracking.

Monitor Easily
Access a suite of dashboards for game-changing insights on partner and link performance.

Go Cookie-less
Start operating in the “cookie-less” world now with access to the industry’s most accurate, future-proof server-to-server tracking.

Stress-free growth

Get peace of mind with the industry standard in customer support and platform stability

Live support
Get questions answered quickly via chat, email and phone support.

Managed services
Onboarding, migration, and managed services make getting up and running fast, easy and frictionless.

AWS Infrastructure
Cloud-based AWS system infrastructure with 98.9% uptime.

Protect your Brand

NEW cutting-edge intel/compliance monitoring tools, reduce risk and boost revenue.

Weed out bad actors
Screen applicants associated with red-flag content before they are approved.

Reduce Risk
Get alerted on traffic originating from potentially non-compliant sources.

Boost Revenue
Identifying 'missed' marketing opportunities across your existing partner base.

Need help?
We offer enhanced support at no extra cost.

Get help anytime with access to award-winning live support in under 30 seconds.

Maximize ROI from onboarding through payout with your most important partners.

Performance Tracking

  • Track every channel’s performance
  • Manage all partner types
  • Run all campaign types CPA, CPL, CPC, CPS
  • Align your attribution with server-side “cookie-less” tracking
  • Robust data and reporting to know what drives results

Lead Management

  • Track and attribute every lead
  • Lead Validation and fraud prevention
  • Robust ping tree solution
  • Contextual monetization tools
  • Pipeline tracking integrated with your CRM

Networks & Agencies

  • Customized and white-label platforms
  • Scale mobile, affiliate & lead gen offers
  • Robust data and reporting
  • Industry-leading fraud and compliance
  • Contextual monetization to maximize revenue

B2B Partnerships

  • Manage your strategic partnerships
  • Integrate tracking and reporting with your CRM
  • Align payouts to pipeline stages
  • Provide transparency to partners
  • Enable cross-promotion digital channels 


  • Manage all offers and traffic sources in one platform 
  • Monetize any traffic with  contextually relevant search traffic
  • Robust data and reporting
  • Easy campaign creation and set-up
  • Run all campaign types CPA, CPL, CPC, CPS

Link. Your business is powered by connections.

Our solutions allow you to accurately and easily manage, track and attribute performance marketing campaigns.

Trust. You can’t build a relationship without it.

For over 20 years, customers have trusted us to be there when they need us.

Trusted by top brands

K. Hyde

“LinkTrust makes performance marketing easy. Truly a company we can TRUST.”

Marketing Manager

“A powerful all-in-one affiliate tracking software for lead generation marketing.”

G. Avery

“#1 reason you should work with LinkTrust. You care about quality tracking and want your affiliates’ trust.”

A. Soudak
Say Media

“Impressive technology, accuracy and features. They really thought about everything.”

New in 2024!
LinkTrust 8.0.

LinkTrust 8.0 will have all the great features and accuracy that our customers love with a new industry leading design, reporting and enhanced ease of use. Fully customize the look and feel and dashboards with dynamic reporting that gives you and your publishers the exact data needed to work faster and smarter!