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Connect with the world’s largest brands to drive new revenue.

Track, manage and monetize all of your campaigns across any network with LinkTrust.

Problems Solved:

Low ROI.   Optimize campaigns for the highest profit.

Multiple Platforms.   Manage all campaigns through a single source.

Complexity.   Manage multiple offers and advertisers in one place.

Poor Integration.   Easy integration via our open access API.

Connect everything for growth.

LinkTrust provides a centralized hub with all-in-one dashboard and business intelligence by connecting your tech stack and integrating all marketing efforts that drive ROI.

  • Easy campaign creation and set-up
  • Choose from multiple payout structures (CPL, CPS, CPC, etc.)
  • Monitor every aspect of your campaign with every possible tracking technology, including: Deep linking and direct linking to pixel tracking, Mobile tracking, QR codes

Connect everything  for growth.
Manage all offers and traffic sources in one platform.

Manage all offers and traffic sources in one platform.

Our goal is to make the powerful simple with advanced tools to streamline workflows.

  • Validate advertisers data against your own
  • Quickly and easily manage and optimize your campaign
  • Robust reporting to help you optimize
  • Built in fraud detection tools
  • Lead Management to collect and rout leads to optimal advertiser


Tools to monetize traffic and maximize revenue.

Leverage our suite of monetization tools to serve contextually relevant, high converting ads throughout your funnel and to your redirected and capped traffic sources.

  • Create contextually relevant ads that appeal to your audience
  • Display contextually relevant offers from any traffic source
  • Reduce irrelevant ad placements

Tools to monetize traffic and maximize revenue.


More best-in-class features

Tracking and Attribution Accuracy

Accurately track, attribute and manage every lead even multiple levels deep leveraging extensive subIDs, analytics and reporting. Our accuracy is unrivaled, saving you time and money..

World-class Support

Industry-leading phone and email support; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in addition to your dedicated account manager and implementation specialist.

Managed Services

Your time is valuable! Let our experienced team manage the heavy lifting of campaign and publisher set-up and testing while you focus on building the business. Together we will build you a world class partner channel.

Ad & Landing Page Testing

Our built-in ad and landing page testing technology allows users to compare the performance of various marketing creatives to identify the one delivering most conversions.

Fraud Prevention

Take immediate action on revenue-impacting fraud with pixel whitelisting, custom alerts that recognize abnormal campaign behavior and integrations.

Lead Monetization

Our traffic management solutions help advertisers, publishers and ad networks to monetize lead traffic by redirecting and capping traffic to their websites.

Industry Leading Uptime

Hosted with AWS, LinkTrust has averaged an uptime of 98.7% over the past five years. The other 1.3% downtime was for scheduled maintenance.

Compliance Monitoring

Our built-in Compliance Monitoring solution analyzes links, text and images, identifying and reporting potentially non-compliant content that could pose a risk to your brand.

Lead and Capped Traffic Monetization Tools

Our traffic management solutions help advertisers, publishers and ad networks to monetize their traffic to the max by redirecting and capping traffic to their websites.

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“Getting to the info you need is easy. Linktrust has shortcuts to get you where you need to go.”

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"When we had bot issued, they worked with us to fix it quickly. Easy to use. Straight forward.”

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“A great team, great partnership and you’ll never look for another system again.”

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